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What is Moxie Sports?

Moxie Sports is optimizing the way sports teams communicate because, as former players and coaches, we got tired of organized sports being so UN-organized.

General Questions

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How can moxie sports help my team?

We help solve your sports teams communication problems. From scheduling to messaging, even organizing your team page, we want to make coaching and parenting a team a breeze.



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who should use moxie sports?

Moxie Sports is for any type of group needing to communicate more efficiently and effectively.


getting started - on the webb app

  1. Step 1

    1. Enter an email that you actively use

    2. Enter a password you’ll remember

    3. Confirm your password

    4. Agree to terms and conditions

    5. Welcome!

  2. Step 2
    At the top right of your dashboard view click - create your team

    1. Upload your team logo

    2. Enter your team name

    3. Fill out a sweet description about your team

    4. Pick your sport

    5. Enter your teams home address, state, time zone

    6. Click create and you're GOLD

    7. Once your back on the main team page, upload a cover photo

  3. Step 3
    Invite your players and parents to follow and join the team

    1. On your team page click the invite button

    2. Add as many people as you need to by simply typing in their email

    3. Define their role on the team: Player/Parent

    4. Enter a message if needed

    5. Send the invite

      NOTE: players/parents will receive an email invite to sign up and create their own profile, which will connect directly to your teams roster page.



how do i create an event in schedule?

How do I create an event?

  • Simply click create an event under the scheduling tab

  • pick the team that the event applies to

  • define the type of event

  • type in the address to utilize the map feature

  • players and parents can respond yes or no

  • the coach can then plan accordingly based on who's attending the event

Can I sync with google calendar/ical/outlook?

Yes. From the calendar page, follow the links on the bottom to sync with your primary calendar.

NOTE: Creating an event IN Moxie Sports WILL sync to your other calendars. Creating events in your other calendars WILL NOT sync with your Moxie Sports calendar. This is something we are working on!



How to follow a team

If you're already signed into our platform, simply use the search bar at the top of the screen and search for your desired team. One you see your team - click! You'll see an option to "follow team" under the cover photo on the right side of the screen. A request will be sent to the team coach or manager to approve your request. Once approved, you will see your team appear in your dashboard under Teams You Follow.


How to send a team message

As the team manager, on the desired Team Page, click the "Send Message" button at the bottom right of the cover photo. This will allow you to send a message in-platform to your entire team. Go to your "Messages" tab to see the conversation take place.


Cover Photos

To upload a cover photo:

  • In your dashboard or profile page, click Cover Photo
  • An option to upload a photo from your library will appear
  • Choose a file and click upload

NOTE: We will be adding the ability to edit photos and crop them to the proper size over the next few weeks! Please be patient with us!

Change Email/Password

To change your email or password navigate to the left menu bar to the settings tab.



How to get the Moxie Sports icon on your home screen!

Android Users: When you log into the app:

In your browser menu options click:

  • Add to Homescreen
  • It will appear on your phones homescreen just like a regular app!

iPhone Users – Tap your screen. In the middle of the new menu that pops up at the bottom, there is a box with an arrow coming out of the top. Click that button. 

You can now add Moxie Sports to your homescreen.


Uploading pictures from your mobile

Android: To upload a profile picture or cover photo from your photo library:

  • Choose "upload photo" 
  • Choose "documents"
  • Choose "gallery" or "dropbox" or other photo sharing files you have connected to your account
  • You can also take a picture with your camera

iPhone: To upload a profile picture or cover photo from your photo library:

  • Choose "upload photo"
  • Choose "photo library" OR "take a picture"